Truliner Custom Liners & Wear Pads

Custom Liners & Wear Pads
Custom Liners & Wear Pads

Rapid precision manufacturing of wear pads, guides, trims, cylinders, cones, and complete lining packages for your existing slides, chutes, troughs, conveyor feeds, hoppers, funnels, and any other equipment surface that you need to line.

Our engineers and designers will help you integrate the liners into your existing unit.  We manufacture Truliner solutions in a variety of materials, including:

  • UHMWPE (specializing in low-friction blue Tivar 88)

  • HMWPE in various colours (yellow, blue, red, white, black)

  • Fire Rated UHMWPE (black)

  • Mining grade impact resistant rubber

  • Hardox

  • AR Plate

  • Abrecoplate

We have a large and experienced design team on hand to draft your perfect liner.

Our modern factory contains an extensive range of specialized machinery with substantial sheet stock inventory to help you achieve your Truliner in the shortest time frame possible.

Proudly Made in North America.


  • The installation and use of a lining system includes many different risks, for example: chute blockage, chute failure, chute collapse, chute fire, fall from height, spillage.
  • An incorrect installation or misuse of the lining system can result in serious injury or death.
  • Follow all of the instructions and guidance provided by Superchute.  See adjacent Safety Notice.  Call for technical assistance at any time: 1-800-363-2488.


  • Falling objects can exit a chute, hopper, or conveyor discharge outlet at anytime without notice.
  • A falling object can seriously injure or kill persons below or near the discharge outlet.
  • Do NOT stand below the the outlet.  Do NOT look up the outlet.  Keep away from the discharge outlet at all times.  See adjacent Safety Notice.


  • Refer to the project related Superchute documents.
  • Be aware that blockages pose a serious risk of injury.  Review the following BLOCKAGE PREVENTION BULLETIN.
  • Be aware that lined surfaces are extremely slippery and can lead to the fall of a worker.

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